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Wednesday, July 6 (10:45a-12:15p)
The History of Certiorari at SCOTUS – Professor Steve Vladeck
Recent Developments and Topics in Environmental Law – Professor Robin Craig
Wednesday, July 6 (1:45p-3:15p)
Law Clerks to Retired Supreme Court Justices: An Unexplored Resource – Professor Rory Little
Federal Habeas Corpus for State Prisoners: What State-Court Staff Attorneys Might Want to Know – Jimmy Frazier
Thursday, July 7 (10:45a-12:15p)
Supervising Staff in Post-COVID World – Lisa Fitzgerald and Michelle Haubert
How Can Line Attorneys Be More Efficient in Records Review? – Mark O’Brien and Kyle McLaughlin
Thursday, July 7 (1:45p-3:15p)
The End of Roe: Dobbs and the Future of Reproductive Rights – Professor Lisa Ikemoto
Use of Forensic Evidence in Litigation – Ellen Leonida, Esq.
Friday, July 8 (1:45p-3:15p)
What is Critical Race Theory and What is it Not – Professor Yvette Butler
Indian Law – Professor Kate Fort
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Thursday Dinner with Dean Erwin Chemerinksy
Friday Business Lunch (members only)
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